RDX 4 Pin Flasher Relay

RDX 4 Pin Flasher Relay for LED Indicator Lights

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Product Description
Bolt On Bits present: RDX 4 Pin Flasher Relay No other company will offer you this RDX product. You got LEDs you need RDX 4 Pin Flasher Relay The RDX Relay that powers OUR RDX LED Standard Lamps! A British company, A British design, for A British Car! Why fit load resistors they defeat the whole object of less power. With our RDX LED Flasher Relay your Defender no longer needs Load Resistors! A Standard Flasher Relay works on load, this means it is designed to see 21 watts bulbs, when you fit LED lamps or bulbs the Relay can not detect the load as the LED lamp/LED bulb may only use 2 to 3 watts, resulting in fast flashing which is no good to anyone. RDX 4 Pin Flasher Relay can handle bulbs, LEDs and a mixture of both on the vehicle it does not care it just gets on with the job! The RDX 4 Pin Flasher Relay blows others in to the weeds, why as ours is tune able this means it can be adjusted to suit your vehicle by simply turning the adjustment knob on top of the RDX 4 Pin Flasher Relay. MOT law changed resulting in the trailer light must flash when a trailer is connected and the indicators/hazard is used. The MOT station can now test the towing socket if fitted! Other Flasher Relays cannot detect a trailer has been connected which is now a requirement. Now for the OCD ones Have you noticed when you indicate the trailer light may flash once even when you are not pulling a trailer, well most other normal cars do not put a trailer light on for one flash. Well ours puts the trailer light when you are actually pulling a trailer. When you are driving without the trailer and you indicate the little trailer light will not flash. The trailer must be using incandescent bulbs or LED lamps with load resistors for the Trailer light to flash. It cannot detect trailers solely on LED lamps it will make them flash ok but will not flash the trailer light as the extra load is too little to detect. The competition still offer load resistors we have moved into 21st century offering you bespoke products especially for Land Rovers because we drive Land Rovers!
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Additional Information
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