Before installing the relay be sure to turn the dial all the way anti clockwise.

Install the relay as per the provided instructions

Turn on your vehicle and start the engine

With the dial turned all the way anti clockwise the trailer warning light should be on

Now gradually turn the dial on the relay clockwise until the trailer warning light goes out.

once it's gone out you can leave the relay alone and when you attach a trailer it will detect the extra load and turn on the trailer warning light

If your trailer has LED lights it's possible for the dash warning not to function properly, if this is the case you may need to install load resistors to the trailer indicator lamps

This is due to it being very difficult for us to detect the subtle extra load of LED trailer lamps, not all will need them but some will

This one always catches people out but it's easy to understand, imagine your sat in the drivers seat. The left side of the vehicle is now on your left and the right side is now on your right. Simples :)

This is usually caused by an earth leakage somewhere on the loom, on the older Land Rovers with just the one dash warning for indicating left or right power can leak over from one side to the other side at this point in the circuit. Because LED lights require so little power that just enough leaks across to actually make them light up. If removing this bulb sorts out the problem then we have an alternative dash bulb that you can install that protects the circuits from each other RDX Earth Fix Kit available here...

You might see these terms used in various places with regards to dipped beam head lights and all it means is Right Hand Drive (RHD) or Left Hand Drive (LHD) it relates to what side of the car the steering wheel is on, in the UK our steering wheel is on the Right so we are classed as RHD (Lights dip to the Right), mainland Europe on the whole have their steering wheel on the Left and as such are classed as LHD (Lights dip to the Left). in addition you might also see LHT and RHT this is more confusing as this is all to do with which side of the road you drive on LHT = Left Hand Traffic. This is the side of the road that the UK drive on so LHT traffic is equal to RHD. In the same way RHT = Right Hand Traffic means the lights are for cars that are LHD and drive on the Right Hand side of the road, such as most of main land Europe. That should clear that up then :o)

LED lights are on the whole polarity sensitive, this means if they get wired up with Positive to Negative and Negative to Positive then the will not work. It shouldn't damage them and all you have to do is swap the wires around and bingo all should be good.

Over the years two types of steering column have being fitted to Land Rovers!

36 Spline & 48 Spline

To work out which fits your vehicle please read through this carefully, it is however just a guide and should be taken as such.

ALL 90/110/127 models from 1984 to 1989 had a four spoke steering wheel that fits a 36 spline steering column.

1989 to 1991 Defender 200Tdi/V8 had a 4 spoke steering wheel that fits a 36 spline steering column also.

1992 to May 1994 200 Tdi Defenders started to appear with the 2 spoke steering wheel on a 48 spline column

May 1994 to 1998 300 Tdi - Nice and easy all have a 48 spline column

1998 to 2006 Td5

Land Rover kept changing the steering column depending on what spec the vehicle was.

Basic standard Spec between 1998 and 2006 These Defenders came with a 2 spoke steering wheel with a large plastic Land Rover logo in the middle, this is a 48 spline column.

Proper County Spec & Special editions from 1998 to 2006 came with a 2 spoke steering wheel that has a large padded centre section looks like an airbag module (but it's just for show), this is a 36 spline column.
These should all be County XS, Heritage, Silver edition, Black edition, X-tech, G4 Challenge etc.

2006 saw the introduction of the Puma/Tdci Transit engine this is where we say check your column as Land Rover started to use up all the old columns so some have 36 some have 48.

Generally 36 spline columns are confined to 2007 year cars, there are not many but they need to be checked.

Most later Puma engined Defenders should now be on 48 splines regardless of the steering wheel fitted.

This is not the end though, Land Rover thought it would be a good idea to fit a steering angle sensor to 2015 model year Defenders! These are 48 Spline but you NEED the TDCI Boss NONE OF OUR OTHER BOSSES WILL WORK.

These are only our rough understandings having dealt with Land Rovers and steering wheel bosses over the years. If in doubt please get in touch.

This obviously only works if your Land Rover is original, if you have one of those early pre production 1986 Td5 models or a rebuilt motor you will need to check your column!